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The ICM Advantage

The ICM Advantage

Improving your supply chain through reusable packaging.

You have a need.

You have a needTogether we can find a solution. ICM partners with your company to identify cost saving solutions through the reduction of one-way packaging. ICM provides innovative ideas to reduce waste and improve your supply chain's efficiency while lowering the overall cost to serve.

Engineering Solutions.

Engineering Solutions.Our plastic packaging engineers are experienced in converting one-way packaging into multi-use solutions. They apply technologies that optimize capacity, reduce weight, and improve performance.

Project Management.

Project ManagementA dedicated resource and liaison, your program manager orchestrates each multi-faceted project to meet your goals.

Cost Analysis.

Cost AnalysisICM's seasoned supply chain, manufacturing, and plastic engineering experts determine cost saving opportunities, analyzing together with the customer each step of the supply chain.

International Sources.

International SourcesWe obtain maximum efficiency by sourcing from a network of global markets, the benefits of which are extended to your operation.

Global Operations.

Global OperationsICM is a global entity capable of developing packaging solutions for international companies who want to share products globally and further drive efficiencies within their supply chain.

Production Capabilities.

Production CapabilitiesTop of the line molding machines manufacture your designs at any one of our global locations.

Quality Inspection.

Quality InspectionRigorous testing ensures your product meets specified requirements as well as internationally recognized quality standards.

Status Reporting.

Status ReportingWe manage project scope, budgets, and timing to ensure your success.


CommunicationOur team is here to support you every step of the way. We communicate before, during, and after each step of your project's development.

Logistics Support.

Logistics SupportICM will work with your existing logistics provider to improve supply chain efficiency. ICM provides solutions that include plastic reusable container repair, wash, recycling, and replenishment.

Winning Results.

Winning ResultsExecuted to perfection, our customers are now armed with a reusable container solution that reduces cost and improves supply chain effectiveness. Such positive results often lead to continued analytics involving the conversion of additional one-way packaging systems into multi-use packaging solutions.