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New Collapsible Tote

Charlotte, NC

July 08, 2014

ICM continues to add to its reusable packaging portfolio with the addition of a new Collapsible Tote. This injection molded reusable container snaps together quickly and then collapses easily through the use of pinch and snap latches. The Collapsible Tote measures 23.63” L x 15.72” W x 11.75” H and can serve a variety of material handling needs across industries.

Measuring 3” H when collapsed, this returnable container is designed to optimize shipping and storage costs when empty. The Collapsible Tote is equipped with an access door which provides easy contact with the contents inside the reusable container. Designed for durability, the exterior support structures allows for smooth interior walls and secure stacking once assembled. It is also compatible with robot retrieval systems.

The Collapsible Tote is fully recyclable and is an efficient, cost-effective returnable container. The mold will run on their 1800 ton plastic injection molding machine. For additional information view the Collapsible Tote brochure.

For a quote, please contact Ron Springer, Director of New Business Development ICM, at 704-301-3235 or email

Collapsible Tote